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Below, you will find the website’s user’s policy and information that might become useful in your experience of the website’s guest. Please, make sure that you read it attentively before you start using the website’s services for any of the purposes implied hereafter.

Specific Terms

Please, read the section below attentively before you start inquiring about any kind of information from the website.


The website represents a third aggregatory party within the gambling process and thus is not subject to accepting or resolving any complaints regarding any possible financial turmoil that the customers might experience with the casinos listed on the website. Please, contact the casino’s support service shall any questions arise.

Information Regarding the Bonuses

The accuracy of the information published is the core value of our resource. The organization takes great pride in the amount of effort put into ensuring the rightfulness of the information published. Nonetheless, the website or any other third party that the organization cooperates with does not take legal responsibility for the timeliness, completeness, suitability, as well as the accuracy of any information to be found on this website.

Keep in mind that our articles are being created by human writers and reviewers, which means that they are subject to human error. Please, remain critical in regards to what you read. Make sure that you review the user’s terms and conditions of any casino of your choice before you actually start playing.


The website does not guarantee that it can be absolutely free of viruses and bugs. Please, take into consideration the Internet is full of viruses and bugs might be transferred between online platforms, as well as between the gadgets. Therefore, we do strongly recommend using malware protection software.

Stay informed that any attempt at using the website for an intentional planting of viruses or any other kind of malware is subject to criminal liability pursuant to the Computer Misuse Act of 1990.


The website’s users are allowed to create links to your website, given that they follow the procedure of retaining the copyright for the materials published. The website reserves its inalienable right to withdraw any linking permission at any time the website shall deem it necessary.

You shall be informed in advance that the website holds a vast amount of links to external sites due to its bonus aggregator nature. Nonetheless, you shall also stay informed that the website does not bear responsibility for any of the articles or content materials to be found after following the links. Our resource does not have direct access to the information in question and thus can be put under no liability regarding it.

In case any legal dispute shall arise between the organization and its users or other third-party companies, the laws of England and Wales are to be deemed applicable and exclusive.

Live Chat Rules

Dear Customers,

Whenever you embark using the platform, keep in mind that you hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated below:

Last Update: 27/04/2020

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