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Roulette is a fascinating table game enjoyed worldwide, even in the countries where jurisdiction officially bans gambling. Quite a similar situation can be seen in the case of Jordan, a country where land-based gambling is associated with haram. That means you’ll hardly find a legal brick-and-mortar venue to enjoy a Roulette experience in Jordan. Alternatively, no gamblers are restricted from accessing a wide range of online casinos with Roulette games on the board.

Thus, the following article will shed some light on the industry of online Roulette in Jordan and answer all of your relevant questions. In particular, you will get to know more about the types of bets and strategies that can be used for Roulette gameplay. What is more, you’ll certainly find something new regarding the specifics of accessing roulette online Jordan. Be sure to read on to get to know about these features and much more. Stay tuned!

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Best Jordan Casinos With Roulette 2023

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Spin Casino
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River Belle
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How to Play Roulette for Real Money?

It is evident that online casinos in Jordan offer a top-notch gaming experience for all Roulette enthusiasts in Jordan. The crucial merits of playing Roulette for real money in Jordan are:

  • Lucrative bonuses
  • Mobile access
  • Interactions with live dealers
  • Different game rules
  • Intuitive interface and design

You see, these reasons are continually attracting thousands of Jordanian gamblers to online venues.

Choose the Best Jordan Casino From the List

Alright, you should be aware that the full list of online casinos in Jordan can include hundreds of platforms. For your comfort and convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best online casinos in Jordan, as follows:

• List with casino websites

Once you see that our casino list includes dozens of well-known gambling platforms, we often recommend comparing the available promotions. Only after that, be sure to choose the one that has the most well-rounded and lucrative bonus offer. Then, click the ‘Get Bonus’ button, where you’d be redirected to the casino’s website. Voila, be sure to proceed with the next steps to start enjoying a superb Roulette experience.

Make a Registration

Once you’ve found an online casino in Jordan that can match your gaming preferences, creating a new account is a must. It should be noted that any respected gambling website in Jordan would require newcomers to proceed with a registration procedure. Don’t worry about it since all you have to do is to fill in all the required fields.

Be sure to include only the relevant information about yourself, which can further be checked once you decide to request a withdrawal. In case any issues arise during the registration procedure, be sure to contact the customer support team in any Jordanian online casino.

Make a Deposit

Hooray, you’ve just registered in one of the featured online casinos in Jordan. The next you need to proceed with relates to making a cash-in. In most gambling platforms in Jordan, a range of payment methods exceeds one’s expectations.

Except for Arab Bank, online casinos in Jordan feature dozens of e-wallets and prepaid banking options that can be used for making a deposit. Choose the one you prefer for making digital transactions, confirm your banking details, and confirm a deposit. Don’t forget to grab your welcome bonus that is common for any online casino in Jordan that offers Roulette games.

Grab Your Bonus

As we’ve just mentioned, immediately after registering in a Jordanian online casino, you are eligible to claim a lucrative welcome bonus. In such regard, you are welcome to claim a free bonus from any gambling platform you choose. While most websites offer hefty Welcome Bonus Packages, others reward newcomers with more specific promos, including free spins or bonus cash.

In most cases, a registration bonus would be available to be used straight after completing the previous step. Otherwise, be sure to find the ‘Obtain Bonus’ button, after clicking which you’d be eligible for using a welcome bonus. Use it wisely!

Choose Roulette Type

So far, you’ve completed almost all of the necessary steps. Now, it’s the right time to choose the type of Roulette you’re willing to play. Roulette is a table game that has dozens of game rules and variations. That means that the choice of the most reliable Roulette variation is a must for any Jordanian player.

Later on, we’ll discuss what types of Roulette exist, which can significantly simplify the selection process of suitable game rules. You can be confident that most online casinos in Jordan offer a decent selection of Roulette variations. Choose the one you enjoy the most and enjoy playing straight away!

Choose Casino
Sign in
Deposit Money
Grab Bonus
Choose game

Types of Roulette

Since Roulette is one of the most widespread table games available on the Web, its well-recognized popularity is also justified by different game rules and variations. The primary merit of playing this game in any online casino in Jordan is the availability of dozens of game rules and variations.

American Roulette

American Roulette is by far the most widespread variation of Roulette available in Jordanian online casinos. The main distinction of this game mode between its European and French counterparts relates to the presence of an additional zero on the playing wheel. This particular zero on the gaming board ensures higher profits for a gambling platform.

On the Web, American Roulette somewhat decreases the winning odds, while also providing an additional sector for wagering. This Roulette’s variation slightly diversifies one’s betting options, alongside making overall gameplay to be a riskier one.

European Roulette

Instead of having an extra zero, European Roulette is often associated with the status of the so-called “Classic Roulette.” It has a conventional gaming board, with a total of 36 numbers to wager on. The overall winnings odds are the highest ones among all the Roulette variations, making it one of the best choices for Jordanian gamblers.

It is the most commonly played Roulette wheel that has high odds of winning and a classic layout. We can also recommend this game mode for all the newcomers who are willing to make their first steps in an exciting game of Roulette.

French Roulette

French Roulette is known for being the oldest variation of Roulette ever created. For such a noteworthy background, it also has a status of being the “queen of Roulette.” Without a doubt, the game rules of French Roulette are different from any other games. The main reason is that the arrangement of numbers on the gaming board and the winning odds available for Jordanian gamblers.

Due to this specific arrangement of numbers, the betting options are also different from the American and European counterparts. When it comes to the winning probabilities, French Roulette has higher winnings odds than an American one.

Live Roulette

Are you up for enjoying Roulette gameplay and interacting with croupiers and other players without even leaving your home? It is entirely possible to do so even in the online casinos in Jordan. This gameplay mode is a top-notch chance to tune in to a gaming board by using the latest HD broadcasting technologies.

You are welcome to see the results of each spin, interact with croupiers, and even leave some tips for favorable spins. Thanks to the rapid technological developments, live dealer online Roulette in Jordan is a perfect option for all Roulette fans.

Mobile Roulette

A chance to access a Mobile Roulette board is now a widespread reality, which is possible to play in all online casinos in Jordan. You should be aware that in these gambling platforms, it doesn’t matter what type of a mobile device you own.

Jordanian gamblers can have an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device, eventually having an option to play Roulette without any barriers. All you have to do is to access a casino’s website from a mobile browser. Such ease of accessing top-notch Roulette games is something that makes Jordanian online casinos to be so popular and ever-growing.

Bets You Can Make in Online Roulette Games

Roulette is a fascinating table game with thousands of fans, much because of its variability in wagering. In such regard, the variability of bets that can be made is one of the reasons why this game is on the rise in Jordanian online casinos. Check out the available types of bets you can make, as follows.

Inside Bets

Inside bets have such a name because they are placed in the inner circle of the gaming board. They include:

  • Bet on a number, aka Straight-up bet. Place your wager on a single number on the board with a 35-to-1 winning ratio.
  • Bet on two numbers, aka Split bet. You bet on two numbers with a 17-to-1 winning ratio.
  • Bet on three numbers, aka Street bet. Once you wager on three numbers, for instance, 6, 7, and 8, you can expect an 11-to-1 winning ratio with this wager.
  • Bet on four numbers, aka Corner bet. You can bet on four different numbers with an 8-to-1 winning ratio.

Outside Bets

Outside bets include the following wagers:

  • Bet on color. It involves betting either on color, such as black or red, with a 1-to-1 winning ratio.
  • Odd/Even. Players can wager on either odd or even numbers, with an expected return of 1-to-1.
  • Low/High. This type of bet has a 1-to-1 winning payout chance, whereas you can bet on either 1-18 (Low) or 19-36 (High) numbers.
  • Dozen. This wager can be placed on dozens, such as 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. You can wager on one of these dozens, with an expected return of 2 to 1.
  • Column. This wager is a bet on 12 numbers in a column. This bet is close to a ⅓ of the entire Roulette gaming board with a winning ratio of 2 to 1.

Roulette Bonuses

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
Vip Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Besides top-notch gameplay in relation to Roulette, online casinos in Jordan also offer dozens of bonus promotions for all Jordanian gamblers. An overall range of promotions includes but is not limited to Welcome Bonus, Free Spins, and No Deposit bonuses. Read on to get to know more about these promos in Jordanian online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

When it comes to welcome bonus, this particular promotion is a superb promo that is common for most online casinos in Jordan. In most gambling platforms, Welcome Bonus is a top-notch promotion that is available after making a deposit. This offer can consist of bonus cash, free spins, and additional perks that enrich one’s gaming experience.

You can alternatively contest your luck in other online casinos in Jordan that offer No Deposit Welcome Bonus, which award newcomers with no financial obligations. This offer is one of the most common promotions in Jordan online casinos that can be redeemed on Roulette games.

Free Spins

If you’ve not heard about free spins, it’s the right time to get acquainted with them. This promotion is typical for online casinos in Jordan, which award players with free spins that can be used for Roulette games. You can find more information about these offers just by browsing through the list of online casinos in Jordan.

Choose the most lucrative offer for your gaming style, click the ‘Obtain Bonus’ button, and start playing there. All you’ll have to do is to register there, make a deposit, and enjoy free spins that are usually granted for specific Roulette titles and games.

No Deposit Bonus

We should also mention a No Deposit promotion that has a reputation of being one of the most popular bonuses among Jordanian gamblers. You’ve heard it right; there is no need to deposit cash to obtain a bonus and start playing on a gambling website in Jordan. The procedure of claiming this promo is similar to all the other ones mentioned previously.

Just seek a gambling website in Jordan with such a promo, proceed with a registration, and claim a bonus promotion. Voila, you’re welcome to start wagering on Roulette spins with bonus cash without a need to deposit real money.

Strategies and Tactics to Play Roulette

If you are an experienced Roulette player in Jordan, you will agree that Roulette has dozens of gameplay strategies to try out. Even though Roulette is genuinely a game of chance, you certainly need to develop the betting strategy that might be in handy to play consistently.

Betting on Colors or Even/Odd

As one can understand from the title, this strategy involves betting on the wagers that have a 50% win rate as well as a 1-to-1 payout ratio. In such regard, this betting strategy can be useful for stable players who are looking for satisfactory results with a 50/50 payout coefficient.


Jordanians definitely make the most of the Martingale betting strategy. It involves betting on sectors, including Low/High, Odd/Even, or Black/Red. Once you lose a bet, you have to double the previous bet, eventually having a chance to win more than you lose in the long run.


Alright, D’Alembert is one of the oldest Roulette betting strategies ever created. In Jordan online casinos, this tactic involves playing around betting types with a 50% win rate. You have to increase bets when losing games, alongside decreasing wagers once you win. This strategy might show prominent results in the long run.


The Fibonacci sequence is a unique number arrangement, which is often used for table games in online casinos, including Roulette. This non-aggressive tactic requires a gambler to place bets according to that sequence, alongside sticking to the numbers. This strategy can only be utilized with the bets that have an approximately 50% win rate.


Alright, 666 betting strategy is one of the most odd tactic that can be used in Jordanian online casinos. You have to leave four unsubscribed numbers, alongside betting on all the other numbers with fixed cash amounts. It can be quite rewarding to bet like this, whereas it is tough to predict the win rate of 666 in the long run.


Pivot system of betting relies upon placing a wager on a single number on the Roulette wheel all the time. You shouldn’t change the amount of money that you bet on that number. Inevitably, this system will involve lots of wins, whereas you should be prepared to have a decent stake to be able to wager in the long run.

Five Squares

This betting tactic is a unique strategy that forces a player to wager the same amount of cash on fixed numbers. By using this strategy, Jordanian players can place up to twenty-one wagers on fixed numbers, whereas no progression of bets is used. Check it out once you’re up for some uniqueness in terms of Roulette gameplay.

Without a doubt, Roulette is the type of game that is continually evolving and re-creating by different software developers. In such regard, all Jordanian enthusiasts of Roulette in online casinos should be aware of what software providers can satisfy your craving for superb gameplay. Check out the best providers of Roulette games, as follows.


Microgaming is definitely the most popular software supplier in the Jordanian gambling market. This company is famous for its slot machines and table games, whereas the Roulette titles are the ones most common in Jordanian online casinos. This award-winning company definitely deserves your attention, especially if you’re up for playing top-notch Roulettes, table games, or even slot machines.

Evolution Gaming

Remember that we’ve mentioned about the increasing popularity of live dealer gaming modes? Evolution Gaming is the company that delivers a range of aesthetically appealing Roulette titles with decent digital architecture and professional croupiers. No wonder this company hosts most of the live dealer Roulettes in Jordan online casinos.


Here comes a real underestimated underdog. Quickspin is a Swedish company founded back in 2011. Despite its relatively young age in the niche of online gambling, this company has a stunning portfolio of slot machines and table games. In case you’re up for trying out an innovative approach in game design, Roulettes and slots by Quickspin are highly recommended.

Payment Methods for Jordanian Online Casinos

Click on Deposit Button
Choose Deposit Method
Decide Amount of Deposit
Click Deposit
Enjoy Casino Games

Jordanian online casinos feature a dazzling array of payment methods that can be used for making a deposit and withdrawal. Before you start enjoying top-notch Roulette gameplay, be sure to get to know how to top up your game balance and withdraw your winnings.


If you’ve never tried out Neteller for gambling purposes in Jordan, you should change that ASAP. This leading e-money application works as a mediator. It allows sending the funds from your credit card that can even be issued by the Arab Bank to an online casino.

Since Neteller is a mediator between the two sides, no personal data is disclosed, making it a superb choice for all Jordanian gamblers. The fees associated with the use of this banking option are minimal, whereas the usual pending timings cannot exceed a few days to proceed with digital money operations.


Skrill is an e-wallet that has long been associated with online gambling, especially in Jordan and its gambling platforms. This online payment method allows Jordanian gamblers to make deposits and request withdrawals in EUR and USD currencies.

You can even work with digital transactions by using a specialized mobile app that can be installed on both the Android and iOS devices. In the majority of online casinos in Jordan, the minimum deposit equals $20, whereas no gamblers are charged with transaction fees. The pending time is quite similar to Neteller, which is close to three banking days.

ECO Card

ecoPayz is a global digital payment solution that offers instant, safe, and fee-free transactions to the Jordanian online casinos. Gamblers in Jordan can make the most of the ECO Card, a unique prepaid product developed by ecoPayz. All players are welcome to purchase cards online via a credit card.

Next, these cards can be used to top up one’s game balance and start enjoying Roulette titles. Since ecoPayz delivers excellent service and almost instantaneous environment of transactions, ECO Card is a balanced payment method for making a deposit. Due to the essence of this prepaid banking method, no withdrawal can be executed.


MuchBetter is a noteworthy company that is responsible for executing nearly a quarter of all transactions to Jordanian online casinos. This payment method involves no fees for all transactions, whereas its role of mediator allows hiding your personal and financial information.

What is more, Jordanian gambling websites are also eager to present deposit promotions that work with MuchBetter. Thanks to the widespread popularity of this payment method both by gamblers and online casinos, it deserves an appreciation in Jordan. Another important note to be voiced is that MuchBetter proceeds with digital transactions faster than credit cards or Bank Wire operations.

Casinos to Avoid

Simba Games
Simba Games
  • Huge wagering requirements
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payments
Jackpot Capital
Jackpot Capital
  • Pirated copies
  • No phone number
  • Long wait
Casino Triomphe
Casino Triomphe
  • Withdrawal problems
  • Poor support
  • Pirated copies of Novomatic games


  • What deposit methods can I use in online roulette game?

    In Jordanian online casinos, the most common currencies used are USD, EUR, and GBP. When it comes to payment options, one can use e-wallets, credit cards, and prepaid banking methods.

  • What bet limits exist in the Roulette online game?

    In each particular gambling website in Jordan, the bet limits can vary from a few cents up to the numbers that exceed five digits.

  • Can I play online roulette on my mobile device?

    Of course! Mobile gameplay is now a staple among Jordanian online casinos. That is why you’re welcome to try out mobile access in all the leading gambling platforms.

  • Is online Roulette safe?

    Once you start playing in a credible Jordanian online casino, Roulette gameplay will undoubtedly be safe and sound. That means you should choose only the credible websites presented in the list of Jordanian gambling websites.

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