One of the new seven wonders of the modern world. The capital of the Nabateans, the most famous historical city in Jordan. The city is carved into the rock in the middle of the mountains. Despite its historical importance and beauty plus the transformation into one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, discovering Petra was delayed until the 19th century.
Petra was founded in the year 312 BC, and it is in the south of the Kingdom of Jordan. Specifically, on the slopes of mountain Matbah, 225 kilometers away from the capital, Amman, where many people enjoy casino online Jordan which is administratively affiliated to Ma’an Governorate.

The city was in the past the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Nabateans, and it was called (the Rose City) Because of the pink colors of their rocks. Petra is characterized by its architecture. The city Contains a mixture of ancient architectural arts that belong to various civilizations, and it is a complete city carved into the rock.

Where to stay in Petra?

Wadi Musa is a whole town around Petra. The town is filled with hotels of all kinds. You can find a hotel for your budget, does not matter how much it is. The options are varied, starting from the center of visitors’ distinction to up the hills around. The four-star Petra Guest House is the closest hotel to the entrance. It is located next right to visitor’s center. Just across the street, the five-star Mövenpick Resort, which has a roof terrace with astonishing views.

If your budget is a bit lower, then you may need to move a bit further away from the center up on the hillside. Places like Rocky Mountain Hotel are more affordable, and it is more common for tourists who just come to visit Petra.

What should I wear?

Petra is located in the desert. Sand and rocks cover the whole area, which makes it hard to find some perfect footwear. Walking or running shoes usually do the job, but some people also go for sandals because of the high temperature. There is barely any shade around, and the sun can be dangerous for you if you are not used to such a climate.

Better keep a hat or a scarf on your head for protection and sunscreen not to burn your skin also. You will see all kinds of clothes around the site, from hiking gear to high heels and dresses. Keep yourself comfortable wearing whatever you like and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Visiting in winter can help with the heat. You may consider it.

How much walking will I have too?

The long road is divided into 8 sections, and it extends through 52 villages and communities, to offer its visitors an in-depth tour of the history and culture of the ancient state of Jordan and its preserved natural beauty. As you walk through sandstone valleys, scattered ancient Bedouin settlements, and narrow cliffs, I felt dusty layers of thousands of years under my feet.

The area stretches over 60 square kilometers. It is a lot of walking. People who cannot take such big walks usually go for rides. You can find rides like camels, horses, and donkeys are available in Petra to help you move around. Going down the hill is an easy 15-minute walk, but after the day is done with a long walk, you may want to find a camel handler to get a lift back up the hill. This site is filled with those handlers, which will make it easy for you to find one and to negotiate the price.

Crafting Your Petra Itinerary

Ideally, you need around 3-4 days to explore most of the area around and see the beauty of the historical “Rose city”.

If we are talking about a 1-day trip, then you do not want to waste time walking around exploring. You better head straight to the main highlights. Head to the Siq, it will lead you to the famous intricate façade of the treasury building. Rush to the Amphitheater before proceeding to Qasr al-Bint temple and Colonnaded street. Have lunch, then climb the monastery and on the way down, see the amazing view of the royal tombs. It may be an exhausting but well-rounded day trip.

If you have more than one day, you will definitely have a chance to admire the beauty of Petra more and more. Walk down the street of facades, seeing the remarkable water conduit system which was made by the ancient civilization. There are many other things like walking to another archeological park, Little Petra where you can see the fresco on the ceiling of the Painted Triclinium. Then you can hike to Petra thought the back entrance.

Before you book your trip, try to read some articles and reviews of the other tourists to know what you should do and where you want to go. Only then you can decide how many days you will need for your trip.

Uncover the Monastery

It is the largest carved monument in Petra, with dimensions of 47 x 48.3 meters (150 feet high) and is in the style of the treasury. It is difficult to reach but worth the pain of 850 steps of stairs. But the prominent carvings have been replaced by niches to place statues, and in front of the facade was a square around the columns. Inside the room, two seats on the sides and then a cubic platform on which the monument of the gods. It was used A bureau honoring the god-king Ubada I, and the Byzantine Roman governorate later on to a monastery for monks. They painted the cross in white over the podium, and it was called a monastery.